Point State Park

A National Historical Landmark that includes the remains from two forts of the  French-Indian War 1754 to 1763.

Built to Endure a Multitude of Visitors

An archaeologically sensitive site with remains of old structures to preserve, the Block House was built in 1764. The site is where two rivers converge to form the Ohio River in downtown Pittsburgh.

The park’s history runs deep starting at the beginning of the 17th century and is designated as a National Historic Landmark. The park receives over 3 million visitors each year causing a lot of soil compaction. The irrigation system needed to be robust enough to handle the irrigation need and withstand the abuse of so many people. The park district asked that the irrigation system be “bullet-proof.”

Because water conservation, easy remote access and control were desired by the Natural Resources group, a Tucor WET-300 control system was installed. DCNR staff are able to access the control system via their smartphones to do manual operations, view what is running, see historical information, and change programming parameters. The DCNR staff found a side benefit; the remote access gives them the ability to use the irrigation system to control where geese and humans congregate!

The irrigation system uses flow sensors so it will automatically shutdown should the pipe system develops a leak. The Tucor WET-300 system will automatically calculate irrigation run times according to local weather conditions, thus saving water while matching irrigation run times to the plant water needs. The site was sodded summer of 2013 and has been operational since then. Fall aeration proceeded as normal

Irrigation Project Plans

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